Tuesday, 19 May 2009

iPhone *go SMS bug/hack

A friend freaked me out recently when he sent a SMS to my iPhone. There seems to be a bug/exploit/hack whereby prefixing the text in an SMS message with *go makes the recipient's iPhone look like this:

This was a result of sending myself the SMS

*go Your iPhone belongs to me

on the UK's O2 network. It seems to interupt whatever you're doing. I haven't tried it while using an app yet, but that would be really annoying.

Here at Wahanda we're big iPhone fans, but it makes you wonder what other undocumented iPhone commands are out there.

This only works iPhone to iPhone (i.e. you can't send the SMS from your Nokia to an iPhone). I'm sure that someone with more time that me will spend a lot of time putting the word *go in front of every verb in the English language...

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